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Our website is the only thing retro about us.

With 3 feature films and over 50 commercials, short films, and music videos, Barracuda Baby Productions has thrived in the world of production by believing that enjoying the process creates powerful progress. Making film, commercials and TV is an adventure… one that we love every step of.

Our first feature film "Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower" had a 12 city theatrical release, climbing to #1 on the iTunes charts in the USA & Canada and #4 in the UK and Australia before releasing globally on Netflix. Our second film "This is North Preston" explored the largest black community in Canada, releasing theatrically in Canada and hitting #2 on the iTunes charts. Our feature "Hockey 24" was a collaboration in every sense of the word, teaming up with Scotiabank and directors across the country to showcase what hockey means to Canadians far and wide. The film debuted at the Hot Docs Film Festival before the major broadcast premiere. In addition to finishing our pilot for the televisions series Black Mark, Barracuda Baby Productions has 3 scripted films in development.

That's Barracuda, Baby

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