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Black Mark

The Stars Have Scars

With Love, Charlie. 

An American and Korean soldier are forced to leave their pregnant wives to serve during the Korean war; the destinies of the four lives becoming forever intertwined.

Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower

Bodyguards & Protection Agents are the individuals on the front lines for the rich, famous, and powerful. These individuals deal with violence, stalkers, isolation, and potential loss of life every single day. Showcasing Nelson Mandela's Bodyguards, Justin Bieber and his Director of Security, Whitey Bulger's Protector, 50 Cent & Lil Wayne's Bodyguard, and Ambassador's under Blackwater.

This Is North Preston

The largest black community in the country started as a safe haven for escaped slaves but for the past century has faced economic struggle, limited government resources, violence, and constant systemic racism that continues to this day. Artist "Just Chase" paints a picture of his life in crime and the events that made him leave the street life to follow his musical dreams while illustrating how the town of 4,000 struggles to change the narrative.

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